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Solamito Properties is a local solution for clients seeking to rent a property in Monaco.

Property search

Properties Solamito constantly offers a selection of apartments and other types of property (parking, inventories).
We pay attention to your search criteria in order to provide you with the best offers available to meet or exceed your expectations.

Our services depend on a multi-criteria approach including rental market research and take into account the supply and the demand in the Principality and the characteristics of the properties.
We thereby guarantee to get you prices in line with the actual Monegasque market.


We manage all the important factors of your lease:

The lease must be for a period of at least one year in Monaco,

The inventory is performed consistently with a bailiff,

The payment of the rent and possible charges are to be settled in quarterly advance.

We inform you about all the reciprocal rights and obligations in the lease. We offer support services to tenants with all the Monegasque providers in our network.

Rental fees are established in Monaco as follows:

3 months rent (to be settled quarterly in advance),

3 month provisions for utilities (to be settled quarterly in advance),

3 month rent deposit,

Registration of the lease (1% of the rent + utilities over the term of the lease),

10% Realtor fees on the rent for the first year + VAT 20%.