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Investing in Monaco is choosing the ideal setting, a serene environment with a prosperous economy.

Whether you are purchasing a principal or a secondary residence, or whether you are looking to diversify your investments, Solamito Properties assists you in all stages of an acquisition in the Principality, from researching the ideal property to achieving a written offer.

Featured Properties

During a first interview, we identify with you the features and characteristics of your ideal property.

Our expertise allows us to assist you in optimally choosing the property that meets or exceeds your expectations. Based on your criteria - size, location, standing, budget, etc. - we will gather a selection of properties available for you. To this end, our group has a mostly exclusive and diversified real estate portfolio.

Depending on your availability, we organise the visits of selected properties where we can answer all of your questions.


Our analytical tools and our understanding of the real estate market in Monaco will allow us to help you make the soundest offer possible, relative to the selected property, to the market conditions and to your willingness to invest.

Our commitment and our mission is to represent you, advise you and represent your interests during the acquisition process.

Making an offer

The purchasing process in the Principality is carried out according to the following steps:

The offer is written and includes all information related to the purchaser and the property,

The offer, countersigned by the seller, acts as the final sale agreement,

The offer is usually accompanied by a check of 10% of the sale price (which is not cashed before the final agreement) and is handed over to the notary,

The deposit is made to seal the deal between the two parties and to demonstrate the willingness of the buyer. It is cashable by the seller in case the buyer changes his mind for whatever reasons. In case the seller changes his mind, a compensation of the same amount is paid to the purchaser,

The amount of legal fees are to be paid by the buyer and are of 6% of the sale price with tax,

The buyer must pay the 3% realtor fee in addition to the sales price plus the VAT at the current rate of 20%

Sales agreements in Monaco are not compulsory but can be used when a sale has some specific characteristics.