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Monaco - Monte Carlo/Carré d'Or

The Monte-Carlo district was created in 1866 under the leadership of Prince Charles III. It is built around the Casino - designed by architect Charles Garnier - and its gardens, which were used for its layout. Monte Carlo is also known as the "Carré d’Or" (Golden Square). It is one of the most urbanised areas of Monaco with its modern towers and many places where you can go on a shopping spree. Among the commercial areas of Monte Carlo, one can also mention the Italian Boulevard, the Boulevard des Moulins or the shopping centre Métropole. These places are not however the only attractive places in the area since there are also many places where you can stroll throughout the day. Large Belle Epoque hotels– such as the Hôtel de Paris or the Hermitage –, the beautiful gardens and the sunny terraces are only a little representation of all the beautiful places to relax and to be discovered in the area.