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Buying a parking space in Monaco

Why entrust us with your parking project in Monaco?

As real estate experts for several years in the Principality of Monaco, our team offers you the ideal parking space, whether you are looking for a space in the Fontvieille district or in the Golden Square. Located in a residence or not, our experts are constantly working to find the best parking spaces in the Principality.

A paradise on the French Riviera and an independent state of only 202 hectares, Monaco is a great place to live. Between palaces, parks and majestic gardens, real estate also takes a very important place on the Rock

But despite the beautiful beaches and the shopping streets dressed with the biggest brands, if there is a thorny issue, it is the parking.

Parking, an essential "place" for proper functioning

Indeed, the Principality has 17,000 parking spaces. But today, there are more than 6,000 residential requests waiting to be filled in a parking space.

If you want to go through the traditional channels, you will have to be patient. Real estate in the Principality is undergoing very significant development. This is why the demand for private parking is also growing.

That's why, at Solamito Properties, we also offer parking lots for sale in different areas of Monaco: La Rousse, Larvotto, Fontvieille, La Condamine, Jardin Exotique, Les Moneghetti, Sainte Dévote, or Monte-Carlo.

Off-market transactions

Monaco is one of the most densely populated countries. It is therefore not surprising to see the lack of available parking spaces in Monaco. Even in the digital age, it is very complicated to find a garage, closed box or parking space to buy in the Principality. This is why Solamito Properties has decided to put its network at your service, in order to offer you ads.

Thanks to years of expertise in luxury real estate in Monaco, our off-market real estate network allows us to offer properties and parking spaces, without even broadcasting them on the various traditional platforms. Our experts in real estate in Monaco, are constantly looking for parking spaces, garages or private boxes in order to offer them to you directly.

Why buy a parking space in Monaco?

Even if the streets of Monaco are considered the safest in the world, it is always preferable to be able to park your luxury vehicle in a secure and covered parking lot. Today, most properties sold on the Rock come with private parking. However, if you are a car enthusiast, or if you have several vehicles in your household, you will have to find the sesame so coveted by the residents of Monaco: a secure parking space.

Investors have also understood the issue and have positioned themselves on the market. This has made the purchase of parking lots in Monaco even more difficult. It is indeed a guaranteed investment, requiring no particular maintenance, simple to return, and especially guaranteeing an optimal profitability.

Solamito Properties helps you to find the rare pearl: the secure parking space available for purchase. All this, without going through a real estate platform.

In which area to buy a parking lot in Monaco?

Before you start looking for a private parking lot in Monaco, it is important to define the area in which you wish to buy. The Fontvieille district is very popular with families as it includes a shopping center and the International University.

The Monte-Carlo district is very popular due to its central location in the Principality. With the Casino, the Hotel de Paris and the multitude of luxury boutiques, the Monte-Carlo area is one of the most sought-after areas for private parking. But it also represents an excellent investment.